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The First & Only Horizontal AI Development Platform

Navigating end-to-end Deep Learning pipelines is a complex, high stakes problem that requires people with rare skill sets to work together as one. Brain Cradle’s horizontal AI Development Platform turns an impossible challenge into a seamless experience by automating best practices and optimizing performance for every major ML Pipeline out of the box. Scrappy growing business can now invest in AI with confidence!


Build algorithms that create game-changing competitive advantage by leveraging our visual model builder with built-in layer visualizations or customizing ready made community generated models to fit your needs.


Train Deep Learning Models in the cloud with a single click. Our unique auxiliary data sets and built-in ML Pipelines automate problem specific best practices out-of-the-box.


Decrease cost and increase performance with collaborative innovation practices that include storing valuable IP in drag-n-drop layer modules and mastering rapid development with our centralized, performance ranked project repositories.


Ship pre-packaged models directly to your products, apps and cloud infrastructure without writing any code. Turnkey infrastructure means you'll never experience bugs or gaps in your implementation pipeline.

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Turnkey Infrastructure & Solutions

Choose from thousands of community generated Deep Learning Models, customize them to solve new problems and ship them to production in 3 lines of code.

20x Faster

Build Innovate Models

40% Better

Outperform Industry Standards

3x Leaner

Dramatically Cut Cost

Our Mission

Empower Innovative Developers. Ensure creative startups and scrappy companies are able to compete with large corporations, dictate their own future, and maintain an ownership stake in the futures most powerful technology.

Why Brain Cradle?

Our competitors sell expensive, piece-mail solutions that only address part of the puzzle (e.g. concept expansion, machine translation, relationship extraction). Applications, though, require complete end-to-end solutions. If there are any significant functional gaps in a solution, it will fail. Unfortunately, these gaps are often only detected through the course of building and testing the application. This often leaves people in the untenable situation of having to develop technology outside their specific area of expertise, or pivoting to a more tractable solution.

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  1. 1
    Guaranteed Independence

    You'll own the IP that makes you special and love the ability to instantly access secret algorithms previously reserved for Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. No more dealing with greedy land lords renting old tech.

  2. 2
    Elite Scalability

    You'll get end-to-end AI solutions that just work at the push of a button. Security is knowing you can easily develop proven applications and unlock the kind of growth that only stems from unbridled creativity.

  3. 3
    Incredible Value

    You'll have a head start on the competition. Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. Harness the power of proven best practices, discover something new and strengthen your reputation as an innovator.

Is your company interested in a pilot?

See For Yourself

Experience what it's like to...

Build your
dataset visually.

Your entire dataset is displayed visually so you can easily browse and sort through all your examples. Select any icon and see how that example is performing in your model. You can build custom datasets to improve results in your specific use case. Type keywords into a new column header to combine portions of popular datasets like COCO, IMDB or MNIST with processed results from Google Search and Bing Images. When you’re done, you can export a trained model and ship it directly in your app.


Advanced control
over every layer.

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Visualize layer
inputs and outputs.

Your entire dataset is displayed visually so you can easily browse and sort through all your examples. Select any icon and see how that example is performing in your model.


training results.

Super fast cloud training gives you real-time results without slowing down your computer. Interactive charts let you monitor your model’s accuracy and understand how it is improving over time. The best accuracy is automatically selected and saved so you don’t need to worry about overfitting.

Ship it in your application.

Our comprehensive AI Platform and Marketplace gives developers the ability to build, train, and deploy production ready AI Solutions via a suite of simple API’s. Your model can be hosted in the cloud and integrated into your app using the language of your choice. And because Brain Cradle is built on top of industry standards, your model’s performance and compatibility is always uncompromised.

Brain Cradle is the first and only horizontal AI Development Platform that innovative company’s can’t live without. It's like something out of the future.

Ari Glantz
Assoc. Director at New England Venture Capital Association
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